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CertaPro Painters Contractor Tip!


Some tips from one contractor to another: With all the places to buy paint on the South Shore, it’s a fact that Curry Ace Hardware gets all of our Benjamin Moore paint business. As one of the largest painting contractors in the Boston area, Sean Curry and his team have more than proven themselves to … Read more

Five Easy Projects to Cut Energy Expenditures

energy costs

Chances are, when you open your monthly utility statements, you’re witnessing energy costs doubling and even tripling at the height of the season. Many homes, particularly those built more than 10 years ago, do not feature the latest energy-saving techniques and products. By spending just a few dollars and doing some simple projects, you can … Read more

15 Easy Ways to go GREEN

go green

Going “green” in our everyday lives is all the rage these days. From CFL bulbs to organic cotton T-shirts, it seems everyone has some skin in the eco-game. Your family – and in particular your home – should be no different. Below are 15 easy do-it-yourself projects that will save you money, reduce your environmental … Read more

Your Energy Savings ‘Top 10′ List

house with energy classes - on green meadow and sun in blue sky

Important Ways to Conserve Both Heat – and Money – This Winter Controlling energy costs is always a concern for homeowners…and it will be an even greater challenge this winter. A double whammy of strong demand for energy and the disruption of delivery systems and supplies in the aftermath of the Gulf Coast hurricanes likely … Read more

Lawn Care Tips to Keep it Green All Season Long


Let’s face it, your lawn has seen better days… There are bare spots everywhere and the greenish color you see appears to be coming from all the weeds popping up rather than your grass. While you thought the high-priced lawn service you hired last year would fix the problem, it just wasn’t the case. So … Read more

Fertilizer: Why Do You Need It?


All lawns are deficient in nitrogen because grass quickly uses up the natural supply; some also need phosphorus and potassium. Fertilizers help to replace these ingredients for a healthier and greener lawn. The Three Common Types of Fertilizers There are three common types of fertilizers: natural organic, inorganic and synthetic organic. Natural organic fertilizers, such … Read more

How to Conserve Energy in Your Home

conserve energy

About 54 percent of the energy used in homes goes into heating and cooling. Obviously, this is where you can make the biggest savings on energy costs. Fortunately, there are many quick and inexpensive ways to save energy in your home. You don’t have to be a master mechanic or even a skilled do-it-yourselfer. All … Read more

How to Combat Common Lawn Problems

lawn problems

When it comes to your lawn, the biggest problem you should have to face this summer is getting your kids to actually mow it once in a while. Just like a car, regular maintenance is the first step in avoiding serious lawn problems. This involves fertilizing, generally four or five times per year with annual … Read more

Start Spring Right with New Garden Tools

Garden tools

Winter is quickly disappearing into memory and soon new flowers and vegetables will be blossoming in the spring sun. To welcome the new season, homeowners need a little time and some basic garden tools to cultivate beautiful gardens. Everyone knows a lawn mower is one yard essential, but what’s most important for basic maintenance in … Read more

New Light Bulb Legislation

One lit bulb among unlit ones.

You may know that January 1st, new legislation went into effect with regard to incandescent light bulbs, but what does this mean for you?  We have a few quick facts to help everyone understand what is happening in the world of household interior lighting. First of all, incandescent light bulbs are not being “banned” per … Read more