CertaPro Painters Contractor Tip!

Some tips from one contractor to another:

With all the places to buy paint on the South Shore, it’s a fact that Curry Ace Hardware gets all of our Benjamin Moore paint business. As one of the largest painting contractors in the Boston area, Sean Curry and his team have more than proven themselves to us over the years. Here are my tips for what I look for in a supplier (hint: Curry hits them all!)


  1. A personal interaction with a vendor that takes the time to get to know our painters.
  2.  Online billing and real-time, emailed receipts so we can keep track of the paint we’re using for our projects.
  3.  Fantastic paint mixing. When our designers specify a color, it’s important to have the color mixed perfectly. You wouldn’t believe how hard this is to find, but it makes all the difference in the end projects.
  4. Issues are resolved within the hour. Phone calls are returned promptly.


Once I find a vendor who hits the criteria, I tend to give them all my business. It’s just easier than spreading myself thin across multiple vendors.


Paige NeJame, Owner

CertaPro Painters of the South Shore